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Past HCC Experiences

Please note these events have already taken place.

Thanksgiving Day

Past November Event

Spend Thanksgiving Day with friends, family, and the HCC! Featuring a 

DJ karaoke sing-along, live jazz show, dinner, dancing, and games!

Christmas Day

Past December Event

 Celebrate Christmas Day without the stress! Featuring a DJ karaoke

sing-along, live jazz show, dinner, dancing, and games! 

Love Day

Past February Event

We've renamed Valentine's Day - "Love Day!" Celebrate not only romance

but love of family, friends, children, and relationships!

Easter Sunday

Past April Event

Join us on Easter Sunday for music, food, and festivities!

Holiday Celebration Club


Mother's Day

Past May Event

Celebrate mothers and motherhood- join us this Mother's Day! Treat your mother and loved ones to the music of superstar violinist Karen Briggs.

Holiday Celebration Club


Father's Day

Past June Event

Celebrate fathers and fatherhood by treating your loved ones to an

afternoon of jazz by Poncho Williams and Bonnie's Pearl.