Franny McCartney

Franny was born and raised in a small obscure town called Brooklyn, New York. She was very fortunate to begin her showbiz career when a Pop/Rock group she was a member of, “The Group With No Name”, was signed to a recording contract by Casablanca Records and what was then Elektra Records. Until then, she was content to sing, dance & act for sheer enjoyment. Thankfully, she still has that same feeling!


After the group disbanded, Franny worked as a supporting vocalist with Bob Dylan, Tanya Tucker and Glen Campbell, Suzi Quatro, Barbara Streisand and Gene Simmons (of “KISS”) to name a few. The highlight was touring around the world and playing on Broadway as one of Bette Midler’s revered and adored “Harlettes.”


During this time, she met and married her superlative husband Andrew McCartney, for which she is ever grateful to Bette. Going back to her roots in musical theatre, she has appeared in plays from California to N.Y. and Toronto, garnering rave reviews. She enjoys singing all kinds of music, including opera, which she studied for many years with Madame Marina Koshetz (who continues to coach her from on high). After Marina’s passing, fate brought her to Smitty.


She began singing in his exceptional “Harmony Choir,” became one of his soloists, and discovered that he had also written a wealth of fantastic songs in many different genres. He is especially knowledgeable in the art of Jazz.  He has not only been a wonderful teacher, but a great friend.


Her plan is to spend her time on the planet surrounded by people she loves, and who love her, doing meaningful things. One of which is sharing her joy of music and life with others. What’s wonderful is that there’s so much more to learn and do!