Why Celebrate?

Why Celebrate?

Holidays are meant to be reminders of some occurrence or accomplishment we should take time out to give special recognition. A birthday is a personal day to celebrate we are here. Someone is glad we are here on this earth. If there is no one to say it, we say it to ourselves. Happy birthday to, me!

When we overlook these special times that are meant to remind us to stop and acknowledge our own relevance, we can miss some of the components that bring “joy” to our lives. I’ve had periods in my life where I went through special days as though they were “just another day.” To get through some trials in life sometimes that is the way it feels most comfortable. It’s a choice. Joyful is another choice!—Finding a way to feel “joyful.” Finding a way to find humor in the midst of sorrow. Finding a way to have a “truce” inside the spirit where whatever anger or frustration is going on there is one day of peace, harmony, good food & guttural laughter! The kind that has tears flowing down because it’s so funny—shedding tears of joy to counteract the tears of sorrow that may soon follow. But life is balanced that way.

- Martha Taylor LaCroix

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