Happy Birthday, Artie Butler!

Today is Artie Butler’s birthday! (Composer of “Here’s to Life” - Artie Butler & Phyliss Molinary (deceased). Happy Birthday, Artie Butler! So glad you were born! So grateful to you & the late Phyliss Molinary for giving the world the song, “Here’s to Life!” So much so, The Holiday Celebration Club was inspired to name their fundraiser for suicide prevention, “Here’s to Life!” (thanks 2016 ad hoc committee for HCC Here’s to Life event for suggesting it!) We thank you for giving us your “blessing” in doing so! We thank you for making it clear to us you are in support of our suicide prevention awareness effort! NO ONE performs “Here’s to Life’ the way you do – but we singers lovingly try!!! LOl!

Commemorating your birthday we invite everyone to go to our Here’s to Life year round fundraising page for suicide prevention!

Artie Butler Happiest of Birthdays!

Here’s to Life! Here’s to Love! HERE’S TO YOU! Our dear Artie Butler, composer!

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