Spending Christmastime with the HCC


I wanted to thank You and everyone involved with your Holiday Celebration Club. I know you are aware of what a Great Thing You and the others who help organize such events are doing for those going through the Holidays.

As I told you at the Event there are not many places that are open on the Holidays not to mention the kindness and compassion you and the others provide at the Holiday Celebration Events. You and the others make the individuals coming to the Event feel like part of a Family.

Also appreciation goes out to the Band that takes their time and efforts to come and play during the Holidays. It was truly Amazing to hear You sing with Quinton Dennard, Rich Hills, Nolan Shaheed and Tony Dumas. In addition the Food was outstanding too. The Manager Bruce was Great in handling the large group of people that showed up.

Thanks again to all that helped you put this Event together. It made his Holiday Season more enjoyable.

Take care and Have a Safe and Wonderful New Year.

Dan Davilla


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