5 Awesome Things To Do If You're Not a Big Fan of the Holiday Season

Are you one of those folks who find it hard to bask in the fun and goodness of holidays? If so, you would want to quit being a closeted scrooge and give yourself the luxury of enjoying all that this season has to offer.

For the most part, we know you might have one or two reasons why you hate the idea of celebrating Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day and of course, Christmas. Speaking of which, Christmas is already on its way, and you'll probably be hearing the beautiful festive songs anytime soon.

We're very much aware that certain life changes can the holiday season seem like every other day — such things can make it feel more melancholy than joyful. For instance, Christmas may feel a bit un-Christmasy if you've been having a rough time at work or your kids are far away — you know better.

Whichever the case may be, you still need to come out of the closet and celebrate the season in whatever way that tickles your fancy. In essence, you don't have to stick to holiday traditions — you can create yours and have a great time until the days finally begin growing longer again.

Trying to figure out ways to have a fun Christmas without hanging lights or baking cookies? Don't fret; we got you covered! We hope these suggestions help you enjoy yourself without feeling like a fraud.

1. Don't Force Yourself

For starters, look within and pinpoint those things you just can't stand during the holiday season. It's pretty obvious that some folks hate the idea of shopping at crowded malls — if this is you, just stick to buying things online. Moreover, if visiting family and exchanging pleasantries drives you crazy, we recommend keeping the visits as brief as possible — you don't have to stay all night!

2. See a Non-holiday Movie

There's no doubt that the movie theaters will be chock-full of Christmas-themed movies this holiday season, but the good thing is, you can still go to a non-holiday one. In essence, there are lots of great movies in theaters every year that are not related to the holiday season in any way. It's also an excellent idea to stick to a movie theater that isn't located in a mall especially if you want to avoid holiday songs and the like.

3. Try Chinese Food

Don't want to eat roasted turkey or ham this Christmas? If yes, you're sure to have a blast with Chinese food! It's actually fun to eat Chinese food for Christmas, and we recommend you give it a shot. The best part is, Chinese restaurants are not overly crowded on major holidays — what more could you ask for?

4. Visit the Spa

It's also an excellent idea to treat yourself to a spa day this holiday season — you're sure to have a pleasant experience. It's more like the perfect getaway from the cold and frantic holiday crowds.

5. Help Someone

Finally, you can spend a few hours of your time at hospitals, shut-ins or animal shelters — you'll find people who may not be in the holiday mood, but can still benefit from your love and kindness. The good thing is, volunteering can lift your spirits and help you focus on other things besides endless Christmas decorations and carols.

So there you have it! These are just a few ways to enjoy this holiday season regardless of how blue you feel. All in all, just be sure to have a great time and always be tolerant of those who do love the holidays. Giving your friends and family your heartfelt good wishes is sure to go a long way!

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