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Well, the “mission statement” is: A holiday networking organization that creates family style activities on major holidays! (see HCC homepage video clip) —Our Goal — Connect to the “Joy” of the holiday experience! That’s it!

Holiday joy is often overshadowed by frenzy surrounded by wanting to be joyful instead of a “deeper sense” of “feeling” joyful! The excitement of wanting to make someone joyful comes from an inward desire to please & has nothing to do with—“if I do this to bring joy to you; then you will do something to bring joy to, me!” Instead, it is completely, selfless!

I find nothing more fulfilling than being part of a “joyful synergy” that focuses entirely on bringing people to their “joy” place! Surviving through pain & disappointment can intensify the desire to create environments where “joy” abounds! The deeper the loss of joy, the deeper the appreciation for the joy as it resurfaces. The desire to continue to recreate an atmosphere of joy also increases.

So, this is what makes holidays important to me! I didn’t always feel this way. Many years I sought to ignore holidays! “Just another day,” I’d say. But working all the time, participating in conversations only work related or what’s “bad” about the world impedes “joy!” it’s wonderful to have a time to feel almost childlike! Lighthearted! Energized by laughter!

HCC is presently creating a “fresh new” look & will return in 2018! As we approach 2018, it’s not too early to begin conditioning for the “joy” journey the Holiday Celebration Club was created for. We’ve celebrated another Thanksgiving; an ideal concept for all Holiday Celebration Club “family style gatherings!”—Although we will not meet again until 2018, our joy is still hammering away to make the time when we do, worth the wait. Until then, let’s stay connected! Share your stories as you make your “joy” connections! By doing so, you may be inspiring others to share a “joy” moment with others!

If you find yourself unable to connect to the “joy” you seek? Join the HCC of “joy” seekers! We are growing in numbers! We are reaching for each other! Make us your place to connect! There are many who have come to a place of “inner peace” and are perfectly willing to share what they know on “how to find that joy place.” It usually comes with “age,” although not always! All ages can bring something to the table! It all depends on the journey you experience. We are an “ageless” group! If you are in your 20s, 30s, 40s & up, let us talk to each other!

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· Here are a few movies that express the bittersweet road to the “joy” we seek! Feel free to email us your favorites!

Forrest Gump

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Now Voyager



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