The Brass


We are a community of people everywhere! Strength in numbers makes all the difference... each of us has our own voice, and each voice is equally important. Together, we form a group that can change the world! 


Become a Brass Member, and receive two premier theater seats to both shows, a thank you listing on our website and social media, three complimentary champagnes, a buffet ticket and goodie bag, a VIP gift bag, and celebrity meet and greet photo opportunities!

The Voices


Voices Members help represent the voices now silenced through suicide. Make a vocal outcry for suicide prevention awareness. Pass the word! Sing it! Speak it! Just DO it!

With a Voices Membership, you will receive preferred seating, along with a buffet ticket and goodie box for both shows. You will also be listed as a contributor in our program and souvenir book, and may display your logo on our poster and program. You will be granted access to the VIP reception area for meet and greet photo opportunities, and will receive a gift bag at the event. Raise your voice and join us today!

The Piano


As a treasured Piano Member, you are the chords and the melody of the effort to raise suicide awareness. Unite us in harmony for a cause greater than ourselves! 

Upon becoming a Piano Member, you will receive your name and logo signage in the main area of our event, as well as a full page color ad in the souvenir book. Your logo will appear on our program, and your business card will be placed in the goodie boxes for Show One.


The rewards don't stop there- you will also be recognized once during one of the shows! Your logo will appear on the monitors during the event, and will appear on our website for one month.

Finally, you will receive complimentary food and champagne at our event, along with VIP seating for four (where applicable). You'll also have access to the VIP reception area, where you can mingle with our celebrity guests. Become a Piano Member today, and help play the melody of life around the world!

The Drums


As a valued Drum Member, you are a timekeeper, in charge of spreading the word that the time to save lives is now! You hold us aloft with a steady tempo of encouragement and support. Beat back the rising tide of hopelessness by becoming a Drum Member!

Perks of a Drum Membership include your name and logo signage appearing in the main area of our event, as well as in all of our mailed promotional material. Your ad will be placed on the back cover of our souvenir book, and your business card will be tucked into one of our goodie boxes for Show One!

Additionally, you will receive recognition during both shows and during our radio and TV interviews. Your logo will appear on our monitors during the event, as well as on our website and social media platforms for three months. 

At our shows, you will enjoy VIP seating for eight (where applicable) as well as complimentary food and beverages. You are welcome in our VIP reception area, where you can meet and mingle with our celebrity guests. Finally, you will receive a free "You Play a Part" T-shirt as a reminder of your valuable contribution to raising awareness for suicide prevention. Help lead the march today!

The Bass


As a premium Bass Member, you are the steady pulse of the movement. You play a powerful role in setting a foundation  of giving, and you show the depths our hearts can reach to take action!


Benefits of a Bass Membership include your name and logo signage in all areas of the event. We will spotlight your ad on the donor page on the BACK COVER along with a FULL Color Page in our Souvenir Book using your logo (if provided).  We will also feature your logo in our program and promotional material. Your business card will be a staple of our goodie box for Show One! Signage in the buffet area will be displayed during Show Two!

In addition, you will be recognized twice during both shows at the Here's to Life! event, as well as during radio and TV interviews, which consist of two shows broadcast on Wed., Sept 21st. Your logo will appear on the monitors at the event, and will be featured prominently on our website and social media platforms for three months.

Finally, you'll enjoy a complimentary ALL DAY PASS for you and nine guests, complimentary food (a goodie bag during Show One and a buffet during Show Two), champagne or wine (3 drink minimum), along with VIP seating for a group of ten (where applicable). You will also receive a gift bag and a "You Play a Major Part" T-Shirt for you and all nine guests, as well as access to our VIP Reception area and a Celebrity Meet & Greet that includes photo opportunities with other guest celebrities. 


Finally, you will receive admission to the Background Singer Workshop and the Live Karaoke/Open Mic Contests. For more information on these workshops, click here or call (818)368-8839 (workshop) or (818)383-4087 (live Karaoke/Open Mic)

These are ALL part of the Bass Member page. Become the bass line of our powerful movement!   

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